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It's Kristin + Chelsee

We always felt drawn to taking photos. In all seriousness, we would play "senior pictures" with our cousins growing up.  We'd dress up in our play clothes and roam around the farm taking photos with our disposable  cameras. Little did we know, that later in life our cameras would take us on quite the journey.

1. Wait, Hold up. There are two of you?

Yes - We are a sister team! We almost always are working together to photograph weddings, and can occasionally be seen together for sessions.

With two of us, this means more moments and more candids. Two shooters on a wedding day also means a smooth running day & being able to be in multiple places at once. 

2. Where are you based out of? And do you Travel?

Our home base is located in West Point, Nebraska.  There are no travel fees for sessions within one hour of West Point.  For sessions that are outside of our shooting area there is a $25/hour milage fee for travel. 

If you are traveling to a National Park - reach out to us! We'd love to photograph your adventure.


Chelsee loves traveling with her husband to National Parks to do some hiking, biking, or whatever adventure awaits.  Favorite parks visited so far are Glacier Natl Park in Montana and Rocky Mt Natl Park in Colorado.

Photo Credit: Hey Rach Creative


3. How many images do you Typically deliver?

This will vary depending on your session, lighting, locations, and outfit changes. 

Mini sessions around 30 - 40.

Full sessions 100+ images. 

Weddings will vary depending on the number of hours, but it ranges from 550 - 1200 images.

4. What is your turnaround time on editing images?

Our turn around time can vary depending on the season your session takes place.  In general, fall is a very busy season - so sessions take a bit longer to edit because more sessions are taking place.

Normally, you can expect your images back within 3 - 4 weeks for regular sessions.  Weddings take us about 10 - 12 weeks to edit due to the large quantity to edit.


4.  I always feel so weird in front of the camera, but I want amazing photos. HELP!?

Exactly what you are feeling.... Guess what? We FEEL IT too.  Getting in front of the camera can be weird.


We love helping you get ready for your session or your wedding day - first - by getting to know you.  

We aim to take honest photographs that tell a story and express a feeling.  We take photos in a places and moments that are meaningful. And those are the photos that FEEL like you.

We'll guide you in front of the camera and help you feel comfortable. Once you are comfortable, you are going to have so much fun. 

Kristin loves going on mini adventures with her Husband, Kyle, and their spirited daughter - Gemma. Favorite adventures includes bike rides, walks around the lake, and trips to the zoo.

Photo Credit: Hey Rach Creative

5. What if the weather is bad or we need to reschedule?

No problem.  If the weather is bad, we will either move your session time during that day or move it to another date.  Whatever works for all of us.

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