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VIP Bride + 

Engagement session

We've compiled a few of  our favorite tips to help you guys bring it at your  session...


1. Feels like you

Right from the start we make our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera by getting to know you guys and know what FEELS like YOU!


Tell us about how you met, what a normal date night looks like, or how he asked you to marry him. We LOVE taking your photos in places that are meaningful to you. 


#LOVESTORY: Krista + Blake spent their summers growing up going to the fair to show livestock for 4H where their journey together began.  So of course, we had to take photos at the fairground. 

2. Make it a date night

We love it when couples ask us to tag along on just their regular date night. 

Getting ice cream, yes. Drinking a cold one, OK! We want to be your 3rd wheel on your typical night out.



#LOVESTORY: During Kaycee + Brad's session we ventured out to one of their fields during harvest to enjoy some beverages on the back of the tailgate.

3. Treat yo self

You are engaged. We are celebrating. You need to treat yo self.

Get a new outfit. Find a cute hat. Hire someone to do your makeup + hair.


Need some help or some inspiration? Send us a DM on insta. We've got ideas ready to send to you!


4. Mix it up

Ladies - this one is more for you.

Grab 1 or 2 outfits to mix things up. If you are thinking about wearing jeans + top for some pictures, consider wearing a flowy dress for other photos.


Plus. Those flowy dresses are so fun to wear.


#LOVESTORY: Kelsey and Cole met up for their engagement session in West Point. Kelsey saw a TikTok video with photos happening after sunset & we just couldn't resist having them throw on some jeans & turning on the pickup headlights to end their session after being inspired by the TikTok video.

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