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I am sure you have so many questions about your wedding day & lucky for you, I am here to answer all your questions!  I'll answer photography questions & general wedding questions too. Enjoy!




Wedding Day

Q: What can I expect when you guys first get here on the wedding day? And should I be ready for pictures right away?

A: Usually, when we first arrive to a wedding day - Kristin & I will check in with you to let you know we are here. Then, we'll take a look around for spots to take photos. We'll grab a few things for detail photos from you & take some time to photograph your details.  You don't have to be immediately ready for us - unless we decided that during your timeline phone call.

Q: I'm getting ready in the church basement & it's not exactly pretty - BUT, I still want those pretty getting ready photos. Help!

A: Don't worry if your getting ready area isn't picture perfect. Typically, we photograph some candids in the getting ready area -BUT-  for the big moments like buttoning up the dress & putting on jewelry we find a pretty spot to move you to for photos.


Q: Any tips on picking an area to get ready at?

A: Choose an area with lots of space for multiple people to get ready at with plenty of room for your dresses, bags, makeup artist, & hair stylist to work with everyone.  If you find an area with lots of windows to let in natural light your makeup artist (& us) will love you for it! 

Also, choosing something close to where your ceremony will be taking place is very important to keep things simple the morning of your wedding.

Q: I'd like photos of me putting on my lipstick and final touches, but I don't really want photos of all my makeup & hair being done. Is that okay to do?

A: Yes! We've taken photos of brides just applying their lipstick, or their mom helping them pin their veil into their hair. We highly recommend this! 


Q: What should I all have ready for those pretty detail shots you guys take?  

A: We LOVE taking detail photos. Let me say it again. We LOVE detail photos. You can just about include anything you'd like in your detail photos such as: invites, shoes, rings, ring boxes, jewelry, flowers, perfume, wedding programs, letters, vow books, veil,and wedding dress.   It's such a fun way to show off those details that you took time to carefully pick out, or show off a family heirloom you get to wear that day.


Q: We haven't decided if we are going to do a first look yet. What are the pros & cons of having a first look or waiting to see each other during the ceremony?

A: We've had couples do both & each is beautiful in it's own separate way.  Here are a few things we've picked up on while photographing weddings.

PROs to having a first look: 

+Takes away the pre-ceremony nerves of seeing each other in front of everyone.

+You can get all your tears out before the ceremony.

+Often one of the only private moments you two will have on your wedding day.

+You'll be able to spend more of your wedding day together.

+All formal family pictures can be taken before the ceremony.

+More opportunity for photos together during the day with different backgrounds.

+Save time by taking the bulk of your images before the ceremony

CONs to having a first look:

+You lose having your first look at the alter.

+You will need to start your photography coverage a little bit sooner at the start of the day.


PROs to waiting until the ceremony:

+That moment the music changes & it's time to finally walk down the aisle. I can't imagine all the butterflies.

+Your most loved people all around you during that special moment. 

+Photography coverage can start just a bit later in the day.

+Can focus on taking a large section of your wedding party photos before the ceremony.

CONs to waiting until the ceremony:

+Some formal photos will need to be taken before and after the ceremony.

+Less time to celebrate on the party bus or with the wedding party because more time will be needed for photos.

+Does not work well with a late ceremony time.

+All your couple photos will come from your time after the ceremony.

Q: How long do formal family pictures take?

Family photos can range from taking 30 minutes to an hour.  A lot depends on how large your families and groupings are. 

Q: I've heard from friends that this part of the day is the most stressful. Is that true?

Most couples do find this part of the day to be the most stressful, but lucky for you we've become masters at this part of the day to make it stress-free. Before your wedding day, we'll help you create a shot list that we will follow closely to make sure we don't miss any of your must have shots. One of us (usually Chelsee) is taking all of the photos & the other (usually Kristin) is setting up and arranging the groupings.

Q: Any tips on making this part of the day go smoothly?

Here are some of the biggest tips for family formals:

+ Create that shot list with us and communicate with your families prior to the wedding day to get an understanding of what photos are wanted that day.

+ Keep your groupings simple.

+ Tell your family to arrive 30 minutes before photos start.

+ Ask a family member to be in charge from each side of the family to round up people. This can be challenging for us to do since we don't know who belongs to which family.

Q: What happens after family pictures are done?

We'll do a last call on photos about 45 minutes before the ceremony begins. Then you have time to go relax & hideaway before guest arrive.


Q: After the ceremony can we stop somewhere to take pictures?

A: I thought you'd never ask.  YES! We'll spend some time on photos of just you two & photos of you with your wedding party.

Q: How do we pick out a spot to take pictures? We don't know where to take photos or if it's a good spot.

A: Some couples will tell us they have no idea where to take picures at, and some will say a specific spot. Both are perfect answers in our book! We'll chat the week of your wedding on the phone about locations close by to take photos at. We also will talk about back up plans if there is rain or snow in the forecast. 


Q: We rented a party bus! Will you be joining us?

A: Yes! One of us will join the party bus for those fun candids. Usually, we'll hop on for most of the ride, but leave a bit before you head back to reception so that we can get detail photos of the reception before you walk in.

Q: Can we also take sunset photos of just us later on?

A: Yes! You don't have to even ask me twice. Those golden hour photos are some of my favorites.

Q: Do I really need a timeline for our wedding day?

Yes! My top priority is to capture your day as it happens, and to be respectful of your time because your day is for you to LIVE.  I never want you to feel rushed or feel bombarded with questions from us the day of  asking what time is this or what time is that.  I also like to use the timeline as a chance to educate you on how long things take on a wedding day to make the day perfect! 

Q: Do you make the timeline? 

Yes! I will send you a questionnaire that will ask you questions about the day to help me prepare a timeline.

Q: Do we review the timeline together? 

Yes! The week of your wedding we will hop on a 10-20 minute call to finalize all the details of the wedding timeline.

Q: What if we decide the week of our wedding that we want more hours of coverage?

Lots of couples actually do this! Usually, I'll make suggestions after putting the timeline together on what is most appropriate for the day.

Q: I have the 8-hour package. Can I add just one more hour?

Yes! You can add on thirty minutes or one hour - whatever fits your situation best.

Q: Is it okay for us to hire a videographer?

Yes! We've worked along side several videographers! We'll just make sure to add a little extra wiggle room to the timeline.

Q: When is my invoice due for the remaining balance?

Two weeks before your wedding date. If you added last minute extra hours, then I'll communicate with you when the balance is due.

Q: What is your turnaround time on editing our gallery?

Weddings take about 8-weeks to edit. 

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