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Here's a breakdown of all of our wedding packages with all the inside scoop.

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This package is best for couples who are getting married in a more intimate setting with a guest list of less than 100 people, and a smaller wedding party.  If you are getting married and staying at one venue for the entire day, then six hours is perfect.  


This is the second most popular package and for a good reason! This package is for you if you'd like getting ready photos of you putting your dress on to the beginning of the dance where your guest start to party.  


This was our most requested package from our brides. If you want a stress free wedding day and every moment documented, then this package is just for you.  


With our all day package, we'll be there for all the getting ready and dance moves. You'll have more time and no wild rush or stress during family photos.  

This package is great for weddings with multiple locations (getting ready, ceremony, reception) and for larger wedding parties and families.

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